We are Automation Specialists

We consult, design, build and maintain Special Purpose Machines

We help you iron out kinks in your factory floor processes

About Us

Established 1993, Asytec Automation is based in SA We are a mechanical engineering company specializing in improving Factory Process efficiency


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Automation Specialists

Asytec are Automation Specialists. We consult, design, build and maintain special purpose machines and robotics to solve your  manufacturing requirements. We offer full automation solutions, supplying turn-key solutions with innovative designs and quality workmanship.

We will help you iron out the kinks from your Factory Floor Processes to create a more economical, efficient and cost-effective working environment. Implementing special purpose machinery and robotic automation, enhancing factory floor layouts, and maximising assembly line human resources are just some of the strategies we can use to improve production and profitability.

Make use of our comprehensive, head to tail solution or take advantage of a service adapted to meet your needs – it’s up to you!

Asytec design and engineer automation solutions for a wide range of applications across industries including:

  • Automotive

  • Consumer Goods

  • Mining

  • General Engineering

  • Food & Beverage

  • Printing

  • Medical

  • Agriculture

  • Packaging Machinery & Equipment

  • Universities

  • State Government Agencies.

Contact us if…

You are facing any of these ‘challenges’ in your daily operations.

  • Demand for an increased volume of product but insufficient production capacity to cope
  • Uneconomic means of producing a new marketable product with your existing machinery and/or staff
  • Floor staff are kept waiting by inadequate production processes
  • Factory Floor is not conducive to a hi-speed production environment

With our experience and expertise, problems like these – and any others you may be facing – will disappear.

Solve your Factory Process Problems by contacting us today.