Asytec’s Crate Handling System has been designed specifically for plant breeders to suit the Wintersteiger Quantum Harvester.

The system is based on using 5 off 36L produce crates commonly used in the industry. Each crate locates onto a stainless steel tray which makes the system very flexibile to accommodate different crates or even bags may be used which fit within the confines of the machine.

The function of the machine is initiated when the operator presses the “Index” pushbutton in the cabin which closes the cabin door, the system then indexes to position the next crate behind the cabin door, the cabin door opens and a pneumatic cylinder pushes the crate into the cabin. The operator then presses the “Door Close” pushbutton to close the cabin door prior to collecting the next batch of samples.

The control buttons for each function are located either side of sample chute in the cabin ergonomically positioned for the operator.

The cabin door on the rear wall of the cabin enables the crates to enter and exit the cabin as required. The cabin door has pneumatic rebound to drive the doors open if obstructed when closing.

A tilt tray is used in the cabin to position and support the crate during operation. The tilt tray can be tilted up with the aid of a gas strut onto the cabin rear wall to enable clear access for the driver to enter & exit.

An Internal handle has been added to assist the operator when entering or exiting the cabin and an external handle have been added to assist the operator when loading the harvester onto transport.

The pair of side access doors on the side of the harvester are activated by pressing the “Index” pushbutton which activates the system to position a crate behind the side doors.

The side doors then open enabling the full crates to be changed over with empty crates whilst the operator is standing on the transport.

The side access doors have pneumatic rebound to drive the doors open if obstructed when closing.

The width of the crate handing system has been kept to 2.4m for ease of transport.