Robot SeedPacker

Find out about the benefits of the SeedPacker

Asytec’s Robot SeedPacker has been designed especially for plant breeders to automatically pack seeds of many volumes into plastic magazines.

The SeedPacker generates many benefits in your factory. The SeedPacker will pack your seeds up to five times faster and with a better standard of variety randomisation. Meanwhile, it eliminates packing errors and Repetitive Strain Injury associated with manual packing.

Intelligent software integrated into the system converts your data into machine co-ordinates from a database file supplied from your Plant Breeding software package.

Visual feedback includes weight estimates and progress indication with options to override seed variety weight estimates and seed variety name. The database is dynamically updated as each seed variety is packed.

The operator-friendly software can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Users are not limited to one style of plastic magazine – the SeedPacker can be manufactured and programmed to suit any style of magazine or tray.

Seed Magazine Advantages

The many advantages of seed magazines as compared to envelopes include:

  • Labelling is kept to a minimum (only required on one magazine with 12 seed varieties – not on every envelope)
  • Less errors when packing and sowing (it is not required to have 12 envelopes in correct order)
  • Only one operator is required on the rear of the seeder (not each person with separate envelopes)
  • Higher output with multiple magazines loading multiple plots at once
  • Quick to configure and pack into transportable crates
  • Easy to handle
  • Reusable and robust
  • Weather resistant
  • No paper cuts



The SeedPacker is produced in a 12m (40’) container and can fit through a 2.4m (8’) roller door. Its modular format makes for ease of transport, handling and installation.

The SeedPacker is fully enclosed with clear polycarbonate sheeting and has three tilt-up doors on each side for loading and unloading of magazines. Two access areas on either side of the control cabinet allow for loading of seed into the glass hoppers without opening any guard doors.

Spec Sheets


Seed Packer Model 2300

Download Spec Sheet

Seed Packer Model 4600

Download Spec Sheet