Consulting & Process Engineering

Expert Advice and Solutions for your Business

If your factory or manufacturing plant is not performing as well as it should, our experienced Consulting Engineers can help.

Through in-depth research and consultation with directors, factory managers & production staff, we identify the weak links in your production facilities and provide expert advice on how to transform them into everything they should be.

Potential solutions for your business include:

  • Introduction of Automated Systems
  • Introduction of Specialised Machinery
  • Improved Processing Methods
  • Improved Plant Layout

We work with you to ensure the needs of your company are at the core of every decision made during the consulting process and specifically targeting the areas you wish to strengthen whilst maximising your return on investment.

An example of our work

Asytec‘s evaluation of Wormswork’s processing site at Millicent.

Our consulting engineers observed Wormswork’s manufacturing process onsite, including their current output of each piece of equipment whilst mindful of OH&S requirements.

Based on evaluation and research Asytec’s Consulting Engineers’ report identified Wormswork’s current outputs and its most profitable products. We detailed how Wormswork could modify their processes to increase output and profitability while retaining their existing equipment. Our evaluation also identified the potential for productivity improvements, with automated machinery for future expansion

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