Design & Drafting Services

We provide premium design & drafting services utilising the latest Autodesk CAD and 3D Solid Modelling software including AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop and Inventor Professional with Piping, Wiring Harness & Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Utilising 3D Solid Modelling software allows us to design, visualize and simulate the machinery prior to creating workshop detail drawings, so both the designer and our client can visualise the total design before manufacturing begins eliminating any flaws before they occur. This approach has proven to be extremely beneficial by streamlining the design process with our clients benefiting from cost reduction and minimised delivery time.

Our experienced design and drafting team can work from a sketch or your idea to develop a Conceptual Design through to the Final Product with a set of fully detailed design drawings.

Even if there are no drawings for your existing machinery we can measure the existing machinery (reverse engineer) and supply engineering drawings for new or replacement parts.

Our Design & Drafting Services include:

  • Special Purpose Machinery
  • Automated Assembly lines
  • Robotic Cells
  • Jigs & Fixtures
  • Testing Equipment
  • Dynamic Simulation & Finite Element Analysis
  • Walkways & Staircases
  • Material Handling
  • Plant Layouts
  • Prototypes
  • 3D Animation
  • General Drafting

Design and Drafting Projects

Dryer Assembly Line for Electrolux

IJW came to us to design an efficient assembly line for producing clothes dryers for their client, Electrolux.

Our consultations involving extensive research into the role of each station in assembly line, and continuous liaison with IJW and Electrolux which led to the design and drafting of a system that has provided optimum results for each party.

We believe the benefit of keeping the continuous communication between all parties ensured we ended up with the best engineered solution.

ACE Gutters Slitter & Re-coiler

Design & Detail a 3 Arm Slitter with various tooling on each arm. This allows the customer to have either dedicated tooling on each arm or enables the slitter tooling to be changed over on one arm whilst still in production.

One Steel Coil Handling Process

Design & Detail a Coil Handling system after the Slitting Process. The system accumulates the slit coils from the coil car, rotates the slit coil down onto the conveyor system, transfers the coil 90 degrees, weighs the coil, straps the coil, transfers it onto the carousel for accumulation, pushes off to be strapped in a pack and is then craned into the warehouse.

BHP Olympic Dam Clarke Flask

Our Customer had to replace 2 off the existing Clarke Flask due to damage. From the original hand drawings we

  • 3D Modelled the Flask
  • Modified the Design as required
  • Supplied Detailed drawings.

Electrolux Clothes Dryer Assembly Line

Design & Detail Clothes Dryer Assembly Line to assemble approximately 90% of the product using Automation and the rest with manual labour.

HMPS Sanitarium WeetBix Robot Packaging Cell

Design & Detail a Robot Cell using 3 off ABB Flexpicker Robots with Vision Systems to orientate then Pick & Place 2 off WeetBix into a Flow Wrapper to produce a Twin Pack.

Garlic Trimming Robot Cell

Design & Detail a Robot Cell using 4 off ABB Flexpicker Robots with Vision Systems to orientate then Pick & Place a Garlic into 2 off cutters to remove the stalk and roots, then place according to size onto a sorting conveyor.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Stress Analysis

Using our Inventor software we are able to perform Stress Analysis on our designs by simply applying loads and supports to the design to simulate the stresses and deflections. This enables us to select the best size material for the design and therefore have a cost-effective outcome.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Stress Analysis