Project Management

A Head to Tail Solution for your Factory Floor Process Problems

Whether your existing Factory Floor Processes need updating or you need to design a new factory from square one – Asytec can help. We will create for you a comprehensive project Management Service that maximises your cost-effectiveness, efficiency and manufacture capacity.

Asytec’s Project Management services are structured to meet the needs of small and large organisations and can facilitate plant or equipment updates or installations and commissioning of new plant or equipment.

Asytec can provide project management services for full turn-key solutions from conceptual design through to installation and commissioning.

During the project Asytec utilizes Gantt timing charts to know when each milestone should be met by each service provider and to keep the client informed and up to date with the continuing development of each stage of the project.

With each project we can supply full documentation including safety instructions, operating procedures, pneumatic circuit diagrams, electrical circuit diagrams, critical spare parts and other requirements to suit each process or piece of equipment.

Asytec supply quality services during all the phases of installation and commissioning whilst also supplying follow up service & support including training and maintenance if required.

Here’s how it works

Working through your each and every process in detail, we’ll advise methods to maximise efficiency in your workstations and assembly lines, optimise your processes and which of your existing machinery you should capitalise upon.

When rethinking and re-jigging is required, we analyse your existing equipment and processes in detail to determine the ideal solution for your factory or manufacturing plant. This could include the design and provision of special purpose machinery, automation systems and re-design of Factory Floor Layouts.

An Example of our work

Milford IBC’s Assembly Line for their Australia Post Stillage

Asytec was contracted by Milford IBC to build a new assembly line for their Australia Post Stillage with a view to automation where possible.

Asytec visited Milford’s site to research the task and determine whether part of the assembly process was suitable for automation. Time studies were taken of all of the processes to develop the best product flow to balance the line. Once this information was collected and examined, a concept layout was developed showing the overall cycle time of the product and how many operators would be requried.

Asytec then produced a project budget andProject Manage Australia Post Assembly Line
successfully designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned the new equipment within budget.
For the project to be economically feasible with a return on investment in 18 months, Milford required three operators be able to manufacture 45 assembled stillages per shift. They are now producing up to 70 per shift with trained operators!

Furthermore, Asytec designed the assembly line to cater for increased demand. When Milford’s clients require a higher volume of products, all they need is to simply add 2 operators – no modification required.

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